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DWR1721 Deionized Water Recycling Unit

The DWR1721 is a super-compact deionized water recycling system for use with dicing saws.
It integrates into one machine the production of deionized water, filtration, water temperature control, liquid waste treatment and other functions normally performed separately.
One unit can be used for up to 2 dual dicing saws or 4 single dicing saws.
It allows you to set up a flexible deionized water recycling system without having to make a large investment in equipment.

The DWR1721's specifications

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Set Up a Low-Cost Deionized Water Recycling System
In comparison to conventional large-scale deionized water recycling systems, the DWR1721 reduces expenses both in terms of initial costs and running costs. You can set up a deionized water recycling system that meets your needs while keeping your CoO down.
Initial Cost Reduction 1
- Super-compact equipment with no need for specialized rooms/plumbing -
With conventional large-scale deionized water recycling systems, it is necessary to have separate specialized rooms for deionized water production, filtration, liquid waste treatment, and other equipment, as well as plumbing. As a result, significant initial costs are required.
The DWR1721 has a small-footprint design (W450 x D1,402 mm) and can be installed adjacent to the dicing saw inside the clean room. Therefore, there is no need for specialized rooms or accompanying plumbing, and the initial costs can be significantly reduced.

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Initial Cost Reduction 2- Flexible equipment that can be adapted to production quantity -
You can install and operate the number of DWR1721s that is suitable to the number of dicers you are operating (up to 2 dual dicing saws or 4 single dicing saws per unit) and adjust the number to accommodate fluctuations in your production volume.
Since there is no need to bring in excessively large equipment, it is possible to keep down the cost of depreciation and consumables and to achieve a reduction in CoO.
Running Cost Reduction 1- Low city water consumption -
Using DISCO's unique high-performance CC Filter, you can obtain a deionized water recycling rate of 99.5% (0.5% is lost due to vaporization.) as well as having zero wastewater.
As a result, you can reduce the amount of city water used to 1/500th in comparison to non-recycling deionized water production systems.
Running Cost Reduction 2- Low power consumption -
Since the deionized water recycling rate is high and changes in water temperature are small, less effort is expended on regulating the temperature of cutting water and spindle coolant water. Consumption of electricity is thus significantly reduced in comparison to the amount consumed by conventional recycling systems combined with water temperature control equipment.
Running Cost Reduction 3- Increased final filter lifespan -
By using DISCO's unique and inexpensive expendable filter module (the CC Filter) for primary filtration, the lifespan of the expensive final filter is extended.
Increased efficiency 
  • Allows linked operations by sharing status information between the DWR1721 and the dicing saw.
  • Allows automatic control of deionized water to the dicing saw, reducing operational maintenance and improving efficiency.
Freedom in location
  • Drain water pumping
    When using the reverse osmosis filter, a small amount of drain water is produced from the city water used when producing deionized water in the DWR1721. The DWR1721 is installed with a pressurized pump for this drain water, enabling use even when the equipment is located far from a drain.
  • Compact tank for pumping of waste cutting water (option)
    A compact tank is available as an optional accessory to pump waste cutting water from the dicing saw to the DWR1721. Conventionally, as waste cutting water was transferred by inclining the pipes between the dicing saw and DWR, the location and distance of the DWR and dicing saw was limited. This compact tank, however, removes this restriction.
Since the DWR1721 functions independently as a system for a group of two to four dicing saws, even if unpurities get mixed in or facility accidents occur, other groups will not be affected. Therefore, it will not happen that all the dicing saw lines stop due to an accident with the D.I. water facility.
〔CC Filter〕
The newly developed CC Filter achieves high DWR1721 recycling rates and device miniaturization.
Maintenance is easy with this expendable filter module. CC Filter
- Filter replacement takes about 15 minutes.
  In addition, since replacement can be done at your own site, downtime is kept to a minimum.
The device is miniaturized by using the dead-end filtration method.*
*What is the dead-end filtration method?
Filtration performance is improved by optimizing filter materials and design.
- 99.5% deionized water recycling rate (0.5% is lost due to vaporization.)
By using an inexpensive CC Filter for primary filtration, the lifespan of the expensive final filter is significantly extended.
Size: Φ340 x H150 mm
〔CO2 Injector for the DWR1721 (option) 〕
  • The CO2 injector dissolves CO2 in the deionized water used for cutting during the dicing process, increasing conductivity, and reducing static charge and electrostatic damage and adhesion of particles during processing of the workpiece.
  • The CO2 injector for the DWR1721 is installed with a CO2 gas cylinder, allowing a supply of CO2 gas regardless of installation and facilities. This allows increased freedom when installing the DWR1721 and Dicing Saw (the existing model requires a facility with a CO2 supply).
  • Integrated communication functions allow operation of the CO2 injector using the DWR1721.
  • With a flow volume of 30 L/min, cutting water for two fully automatic dicing saws can be treated using just one DWR1721 unit. (existing dicing saw model: Max. 15 L/min)
Situations Where the DWR1721 Can Be Used
- When existing equipment is at full operating conditions and there is not enough deionized water production capacity to increase production
- When you want to reduce the cost of deionized water by recycling it
- When you want to increase your deionized water recycling units without having capacity for more dicing saws than are needed
- In the case of small-scale production for universities, research organizations, etc.

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